A barrel and a distillery with a great history

Bourbon Fass Four Roses 190 l

Markus Eder visiting the Four Roses Distillery

The historical Bourbon distillery is located near the Salt River in Lawrenceburg Kentucky. The liquid gold is distilled the entire year, except for the summer month. Storing and filling takes place in Cox’s Creek, close to Lawrenceburg. Less variations in temperature while storing, are assured by their unique barrel storage system. The result is stable maturing of the Bourbon. A consistent flavor, body and aroma is guaranteed.

With passion since 1888

Since 1888, the Four Roses distillery exists in Kentucky, USA. Behind the name of Bourbon and the company is a romantic story: The young founder, Paul Jones Jr. named the bourbon after an important event to him. His true love accepted his marriage proposal and wore a plumage with four red roses.

The barrel

His passion and love for his wife also translated Paul Jones Jr. into making his beloved Bourbon.
This passion is still in the bourbon and thus in the barrels. These offer a floral fragrance with delicate spicy notes and honey. With punchy but at the same time gentle and soft taste, paired with fresh fruits, the barrels refine each product.


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