The Deal

Markus has closed another great deal.

Thanks to his contacts with the top whiskey scene in the USA, he has bought several thousand Bourbon barrels.

And very special ones:

Bourbon barrels 190 l – TWICE SELECTED – freshly emptied

One barrel and two distilleries - Fresh, strong and full of flavor

TWICE SELECTED Bourbon barrels always come in actions, freshly emptied and in large quantities directly from the Rickhouses in Kentucky to our warehouse in Bad Dürkheim.


These barrels have been filled twice with New Make – Whiskey, they refine your product with the taste of two top-class whiskeys from America’s renowned distilleries, such as Willet, Early Times, Brown Forman, Jim Beam, Old Forester and others.
With these barrels, the focus is not on the new wood and the associated aroma release, but on the saturation with whiskey from the pre-filling.


These barrels are used for the storage and ageing of distillates, which have to be aged in barrels for a certain period. The barrels are lower in price than once filled goods and they are also quite young, fresh and well interspersed with Bourbon. They are excellently suited as flavor carriers for beer. These barrels are also predestined to be filled with all other products, which should take in the additional aroma of the whiskey like spices, coffee, cocoa beans etc.


The drums measure a volume of approx. 190 l. This is the size of the American Standard Barrel (ASB). They are made of American white oak.


Directly after the arrival we stack the barrels in a large, climatized warehouse. Solar radiation would be deadly for the wood now. The demand is huge, the stock turnover high. The barrels won’t stay long with us.


No, we’re not doing that!!! We give our customers a “promise of freshness” and do not hold back any already stored barrels from a pre-occupation. Who buys, gets the goods delivered immediately. Pre-orders are possible, but as soon as the barrels are in stock they will be delivered.

Quality control

We check the barrels very carefully for sensory and technical faults during the final inspection. Each barrel is provided with a wooden or silicone bung.


Notches in the wood and external stress cracks are not quality defects, but rather determined by the peculiarity of the construction and the pre-use of the barrels. We accept no liability for cracks that occur during ripening. A possible and reasonable repair is not a guarantee.

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Anja Getto

From Team EDER