We provide the barrles.

As I look with amazement at the multitude of creations, combinations, maturations and customizations our customers accomplish with our barrels, let me spend some words of appreciation.

Customer visit

This time, the (german) proverbial „leibliches Wohl“, which basically refers to everything one can do to promote the physical wellbeing, is kind of the headline.
One of our estimated customers, Winkler-Bräu in Velburg/Lengenfeld, uses our barrels for beer maturation. On the occasion of a barrel delivery in december 2019, I was guest in the on-site historischen Bräustüberl (more precisely: in the „Tillystube“). It may surprise you, but I did not enjoy a barrel-aged beer but the also unique Winkler Kupfer Spezial.

Food and drink 😉

I wholeheartedly support everything the linked notes say about that beer. But, let me add, combined with a pork roast with crackling of the Schwäbisch-Hällisch domestic pig (with perfect gravy and a wonderful, single dumpling), this easily was one oft the best meals I had the opportunity ton enjoy in the recent years: the crackling was just that, the meat was aromatic, the sauce was dense and full-flavoured. Service, ambience, product offerings: It all sums up to an explicit recommendation. (Nevertheless, I shall not take pictures of my food before eating it.) You might enjoy a trip there. They offer public guided tours of the brewery.


And finally, a heartfelt greeting to master brewer Tobias Hueber; he truely made his way from being apprentice to being a master at Winkler Bräu.

Bye for now,

Helmut Keul