When the coopers and carpenters work hand in hand, you can expect something extraordinary as a result. We have tackled this kind of exceptionality with the "Meeting Point".


The idea

First there was the idea of a large German herbal liqueur manufacturer that one could create something new from disused large barrels or vats of German oak. The first idea was to create séparées in a former warehouse to make the large open-plan office more comfortable.

The base

After a certain planning period, the 7000 – 10000 l vats are dismantled, the individual staves are dried and cleaned. Afterwards, each individual stave is ground down according to the customer’s specifications and the individual staves are then given a “vintage” look. For this purpose the wood surface is flamed with a gas burner and then sealed with a matt clear varnish.
Then the individual staves are put together again to a tub. Gluing is only done partially, because we have to disassemble the staves again due to the space conditions at the final location.


Now that the basic framework is in place, our team can begin with the interior work. The floor of the meeting points will also be built from used barrels. This is elaborately adapted to the rounding of the vat. However, because meetings are rarely held standing up and there is still enough space, which allows us to build in a table and two benches. These will also be covered with clear varnish again to ensure a long durability of the patina.

Slowly, after a quarter of a year’s work, the overall concept becomes visible. From further wood of the used vat we make a two-step staircase, the seat cushions are covered with high-quality leather and attached to the bench. And then they stand: our first 5 meeting points. We find it fascinating: although funnel-shaped, we still managed to keep loud noises “outside”. You can imagine our kind of test like this: the Meeting Point stands in our cooperage. There we always hammer, saw and screw. But if you sit down in the converted vat, you can relax and talk to your colleague or make a phone call. So the Meeting Point not only looks good, it also ensures quiet working inside.


Our arbor

Admittedly, what you have just read was a rather unemotional description of how to manufacture it; but we would not be the Eder company you know if we had not also adapted this great idea for ourselves. Pretty soon the idea of creating a barrel arbor was born, which invites to a cosy get-together.


Because sustainability is very important to us, we used wood for our arbour, used wood that didn’t quite make it to the barrel wood and combined it with processed waste wood from already used barrels. Some of the wood is over 100 years old and is now finding its way back into a new life. Thus we create our own character, which makes each bower an incomparable unique piece.

Also for this reason we have decided to make the photos for the online shop a little more energetic and less sober. With the first rays of sunshine we went out into the bright, colleagues from different departments were called in and off we went. After a lot of laughter, countless shots and a short break due to clouds coming up, we had them in the can: pictures that we like to present, that convey the emotion and lifestyle, that show the product

See you,

Angela Pfahler

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