These oak alternatives are a modern concept for use and maceration in the wine-, alcohol- and food industry. With purposeful use they give the products structure, body and a rounding off.

Our oak alternative products are subject to strict quality controls and are each provided with batches and lot numbers to ensure complete traceability.



Not all products are approved for use. In individual cases, if your products are subject to the European Spirits Regulation, their usability must be checked.


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The High Extract Chips from ēvOAK are made of French and American oak.

Products in the Video:

High Toast

High Spice

High Vanilla

High Mocha


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The high extract chips and other wood alternatives can be found in our shop.


If you have any questions,  regarding alternative wood such as the Dosage or if you wish a consultation, we like to help. Just write us an email and our sales staff will help you to find the right mix for your product.