Sherry barrels

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Sherry barrels (bota), ca. 500 to 600 l capacity, made of American white oak – Quercus Alba! The key characteristic of all sherries is that they are made from a dry white wine from the Palomino-grape. First, the grapes are matured like a conventional white wine in wooden or stainless steel tanks. This wine is then mixed with brandy after it has completely fermented, that is, fortified from its original 11 to 12 % to 15 to 19.5 % Vol. alcohol, and then aged with the air in unsealed 600 litre oak barrels called “Botas”.

In these barrels, which are only filled to about 80%, the legendary “flor” forms on the wine within about four weeks. It is a thick layer of yeast that only occurs in this area and protects the wine against oxidation. Once the flor has formed in all the barrels, a decisive classification of the wines takes place. The young wines are assigned by colour, clarity and aroma to one of two classes: finos and olorosos. The former -bright and elegant- can continue to develop gently under the yeast layer while the latter -dark and strong- is fortified with brandy a second time to around 18 Vol., so that the flor dies off and the wine can age on react with the surrounding air. Oloroso-sherries present with a gold-brown colour and an intensive, spicy-nutty aroma. Emptied oloroso-sherry barrels are particularly recommended for the manufacture of Bierbrands and whiskies.

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