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With toasting one lends the barrel’s interior a multitude of various aromas. Toasting could also be described as baking or heating the wood. Toasting the wood has a decisive influence on the taste profile.

Types of toasting:

  • Fire toast
  • Gas toast / Charring
  • Infrared
  • Convectormat
  • Double toast

Toasting is characterised by three points:

  • A high exposure to heat which breaks down macromolecules in the wood and replaces them with smaller compounds which then act as carriers of flavour.
  • Unwanted aromatic substances and resins are broken down on the interior of the barrel.
  • Only in charring does an active carbon layer form, which looks like alligator hide. This layer is called “alligator char” because of the cracks in this layer.

Difference between toasting and charring:

Toasting is the gentler but longer heat treatment for the wood, also called roasting. In charring (burning) however, the interior of the barrel is fired with a gas burner which proceeds considerably faster but demands greater concentration.

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