Angela Pfahler

Do you know this situation? You meet new people, talk nicely and at some point the other person asks: “What do you actually work for?”

My answer to this question is always the same: “I sell barrels”. Always (so really always) I harvest a nod for this statement, followed by a “Aha. Um… and what do you do?”

And then I start to tell…

That we are a small company on the Weinstraße, which has developed from an even smaller family business; that we train 50% of the German cooper apprentices in their second year (ok, it’s only 2 of 4, but the 50% sound impressive, don’t they?); that such a barrel is actually still made by hand (and not only because oldschool is totally fashionable again) and that not only winegrowers buy wooden barrels.

Believe me, I’ve spent whole nights discussing the craft and philosophy behind it. And every now and then, even though I’ve been out of work for a long time, I’ve made a stranger curious, curious about the product wooden barrel, curious about us and what makes Eder so special. And then I’m happy when I see this person standing in front of my desk a few days later, or see that he or she has left a “like” on our last Insta post…

So, if you have recently talked to a nice woman with a ponytail and ended up on this page, then I would like to welcome you here and hope that you remain curious – I intend to speak here much more often.

In this sense: there is an incredible amount to discover.