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Our standard

Our standard is to offer our customers innovative and technically advanced products that were produced in a sustainable, ethical, transparent manufacturing process that makes efficient use of resources. We want to sell these products at fair prices in our markets and with a service-oriented attitude.

Along with wooden maturing barrels for the wine, beer and spirits industries, we provide wooden storage barrels, decorative barrels and pub barrels for the bar and restaurant trades. At the same time, we offer a large variety of decorative barrels, as well as all needed accessories for wooden barrel aging. This includes products for the storage and cleaning of barrels, oak alternative products, extracts and tannins.

Many products are created individually in collaboration with the customer. We will be glad to put your requests into action and develop a solution that fits your personal demands.

Product groups

New barrels and wine barrels
Distillate barrels
Used barrels
Decorative barrels
Oak alternative products
Barrel accessories
Barrel furniture