Wilhelm Eder saw mill

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Our own saw mill

Building large vats up to an internal capacity of around 10,000 litres and the high-grade oak staves needed for them gave us reason some years ago to open our own saw mill.

In our field, old and established saw mills have been closing for years due to competition from cheap wood cuttings from eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Thus, the realisation of our own saw mill was the only option for realising our own high-quality standards for wood as a raw material.

Careful selection from regionally produced logs

We source our valuable logs exclusively from sustainably managed forests from our home region in the Palatinate Forest, the Vosges region and some types of wood like ash from the Harz region.

In these areas, we procure high-grade, straight as possible, logs, carefully and individually selected, from these types of wood:

  • Oak
  • Chestnut
  • Ash
  • Wild cherry
  • Douglas

We saw the wood in so-called mirror cut with two block bandsaws, with vertical annual rings and as few knots as possible into staff wood.

Our standard cut thicknesses for staves are

  • 45 mm

  • 57 mm

  • 67 mm

  • 80 mm

After cutting we store the wood outdoors to dry and make sure that the harsh green tones (the tannin structures) are washed out in the staves to be used later. At a moisture content of around 17% we put the wood into a gently functioning vacuum dryer for homogenisation, which then brings the processing moisture down to around 14% for staves and around 8% for furniture.

We offer the following:

  • Staves in lengths from around 1,000 mm to 2,500 mm in various wood thicknesses
  • Wooden timber in thicknesses up to 250 mm
  • Table tops of solid wood in round and rectangular form
  • Custom dimensions in thickness and length on consultation
  • Customised wood cutting possible on consultation
  • On request we offer all products planed and milled

From our waste wood, we give away:

  • Cut wood rests from the wood types mentioned above in bulk crates each around 1 cbm as
  • firewood
  • Shavings in damp and dry quality
  • First cut boards
  • Staves and square timbers of 2nd class quality with knots or cracks but which can still be used for high-quality furniture or table tops.